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SERBIA – Market Overview FY2012-1H2013

SERBIA - Market Overview FY2012-1H2013

A place to be in

Serbia is the biggest of the ex Yugoslavian countries not yet EU members, but doing business here is not interesting only in dimensional terms.

The very well trained and less costly workforce as compared with the Western European countries, the government subventions oriented through encouraging the country’s economy, the vast opportunities for mergers and acquisitions together with the visible ease of settling a new business, the long-term growth potential, the extended cooperation with the most interesting emerging markets worldwide … are only some of the strengths and opportunities which, together with the forthcoming accession to the EU are making Serbia one of the most desirable business destinations.

And if in terms of size, the Serbian insurance market still lies under the sign of the growing potential, this means that there is a lot of space for growth and developing new businesses.

The special issue of Insurance Profile dedicated to Serbia you are contemplating now is meant to be an efficient tool in your hands, trying to asses the market’s accomplishments and to emphasize the real business opportunities.

It is not only about potential, but also about a welcoming business environment and a market whose main players – companies, supervisory authority and association -, are determined to do their best in order to reach the highest standards.

The Editorial Team