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Becoming stronger?

The local businesses totaled Gross Written Premiums of nearly half a million EUR during the first quarter of this year. In the past 5 years, for the period under review the market value exceeded EUR 652 million in 2008 while in 2011 companies totaled EUR 492 million, the lowest value of the local market over the past 5 years.

First quarter of 2008 announced the crisis; the market decline reached more than 12% in EUR. Last year in Q1 evolving market recorded a 2.5%; the only positive in the last five years each Q1.

The lines above the general market focus information from the last 5 years. Such a conclusion would be possible only after a detailed study of the results of each period which would have then integrated.

Until today, INSURANCE Profile Editor, although the financial results we provide for the realization of such a report would have taken considerable time to accomplish.

But today things are changing!

Starting now we decided to make available to you the full results of the market and offer you the opportunity to generate your own customized reports … in a few seconds … after just a few clicks. You’ll have the numbers of all the players in the market since 2008 through a unique application InsuranceProfile Interactive now integrated into the new site:

Knowledge is power! But to be strong you have to get the information first!
Certainly, using Interactive InsuranceProfile you become stronger!