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The market seems to have two leaders after the first nine months of the current year. Does it?

The figures of the mentioned period bring as a new market leader – OMNIASIG – separated by reigning leader by only EUR 10.428. More… less… the fact is that the two companies have almost the same market share.

If we analyze the ranking in terms of figures we might say: the market has two leaders! However, figures conclusion is undoubtedly one: no matter how small would be the difference; the market leader is unique even at 1 cent difference from the next follower.

The unique situation of the top ranking sharp fights our attention on the insurance market where every cent counts! In fact 10 Motor HULL policies in addition to one of the companies could trance leadership, a position that matters at least in terms of image to customers.

Another conclusion drawn from this close fight… 1+1+10.428 EUR = First Place… Market proved that 1+1<2 in terms of market share of two companies merging.

As the market reality influenced by the decline of business will dilute the explanation for that, after the merger, the new OMNIASIG is almost 3 percentage points less than last year after absorption of BCR Asigurari… still, beyond that conclusion when we look over the first nine months insurance figures is obvious: every cent counts!